Sunday, January 6

The International Blogger’s Conference at Art of Living International Ashram, Bangalore

The International Bloggers Conference 2012-13 is going on today, the 6th January 2013 at Art of Living International Ashram, in Bangalore. The journey to make successful this program was begun in the second week of December, 2012 with a beautiful article ‘Be on Time and Above Time’ posted by Bhanumati Narasimhan. The website basically shaped to encounter beginners, practitioners, experts, entrepreneurs, and mysterious writers and bloggers to join together to take and give knowledge from throughout the world.

I am really thankful to Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the team of Just Connect who gave me an opportunity to participate and share a little knowledge concerning tips for blogging, food & travel, health & wellness, wisdom,  own experiences on spiritual, social, professional and anything else to discuss and participate in an open blogging contest. I am really surprised that within 3weeks of time 207 articles reached at the team; out of which 84 selected articles were got published on the site before the end date 4th January 2013. I am unknown about number of participants on this contest; however been lucky to say that, my five (out of six) article were got published in three different categories.
In meanwhile, I got several mails and welcome letters from the team to attend today’s conference at Bangalore; however due to lack of time and immediate scheduling I couldn’t attend there physically. However, the arrangement of live telecasting the whole conference on the website was marvelous. I heartily thankful the technical team, cameramen and other people who made this program a successful. I was just telling about the first (morning) session which might be started at 10am; however when I logged on my laptop at 11o’clock (due to power cut off) the session of “Why Blog? - Is it fun? Is it sharing of personal journey? Or much more… let’s find out!” by Mr. Suresh Nellakai was come into view, which was happening at Vishalakshi Mantap in AOL Ashram, Bangalore. In the same time Entrepreneur, Milan Mody’s session on “Meet your Friendly Neighbourhood Google Spider — Are you invisible on Google? Here’s something that can help you” was occurred. I enjoyed the complete morning session by viewing twice from

In addition, you can watch the second session of award ceremony and interaction with Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shankar direct live from the website from 6p m onwards on Art of Living TV.


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