Tuesday, October 7

How safe are my smart phone contents?

The new generation smart phone or mobile applications like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pandora, Netflix, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. are highly inflowing and exploiting by the mobile users. I’ve seen and encounter their extravagant features which really wonder; and no need to endure with note-books at all. However, I came to know the users tendency of practicing and utilizing those, which may causes a lot of hindrance concerning on security part of their contents, such as passwords, phonebooks, shared messages, photos & videos, other private/official applications (which are highly crucial), etc. How I am safe from these gadget applications? Don’t worry; just go through these five elements of protective tips.

Lumia 730 kicking off Skype from 10th November, really!

After the announcement of Microsoft’s mobile arm launching Lumia 730, a new smartphone; Skype is going to stop calls within India from 10th of November 2014. The Skype users might have worried after hearing this news; but don’t worry, stay with your Skype and make free calls from Skype to Skype internationally to India and vise-e-versa on mobile and landline. But what about within India; get in with me…

Monday, September 22

Highest Salaried Politicians of the World

Top 15 Highest Salaried Politicians of the World

Apart from being a billionaire, there are some people in the world whose income is not less than six figured US dollar per annum. In this article I’ve highlighted the top most salaried politicians of the world. So, in this race Australian Prime Minister Ms. Julia Gillard is at top position with her monthly income which is more than that of the US President Mr. Barack Obama. However, it was made up of in October 2011, with soaring AUD 90,000 from her previous perk. Let us stumble upon her daily, weekly and monthly salary and know who the other politicians with such as high perk are.

Top Ten Billionaires of the World

In this article I’ve listed out the world’s top ten billionaires as per the statistics and report published by Forbes Magazine that provides information for the world’s business leaders.  As I found from this list of more than hundreds most of them are business tycoons from various sectors. However, the top conglomerates are from technology and telecom divisions. Here I’ve given a pinch of information about them; just have a look after.

Top Ten Powerful People of the World as Per Forbes

As per the Forbes, an American Business Magazine of Forbes Inc. reported 71 most powerful people of the world. Forbes is also called ‘The Capitalist Tool’ which analyzes and estimates to listing out the richest persons of the world from different divisions. Here I’ve mentioned the top 10 powerful peoples of the world with brief emphasize.


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